Rosary CDs and Tapes

Besides Rosary CDs, you can access MP3/WMA/tapes (from only $1-$6!) of quality talks on the Rosary, the traditional 15 Mysteries, and Mary at "the most powerful Catholic audio on the web", a great website called Keep the Faith.

Listed here, are some excellent CDs and Tapes with which you may recite the Rosary, or learn more about it. They are listed in alphabetical order and, unless otherwise stated, these Rosary CDs / tapes contain the new Luminous Mysteries.

  2 CD set - Angelina Prays the Rosary
  with Angelina

  Experience the special blessings and
  benefits of the Rosary with the captivating
  voice of child singing sensation Angelina.
  This is a compilation of Rosary recitations,
  meditations and traditional Catholic hymns
  and songs, which will inspire new and
  seasoned Rosary pray-ers alike. Angelina's
  recording is ideal for family devotion, as
  she was only 10 and 11 when she sang for this extrodinary cd. ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - How Mary and the Rosary can
  Change Your Life
  with Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio

  The first of 2 talks is entitled 'The Virgin
  Mary: Model of Faith'. Some Christians
  seem to neglect the Blessed Virgin Mary;
  others seem overly preoccupied with her.
  What is the true role of Mary in God's
  plan, her intended role in our lives now,
  and the proper form of devotion to her?
  In this talk, Dr. D'Ambrosio provides
  enlightening and inspiring answers to
  these questions from Scripture, common
  sense and the teaching of the Church.
  The second talk is entitled 'A Fresh Look
  at The Rosary'. There is something here
  for everyone-- those who have problems
  with the Rosary, and those who've read every book on the subject. Drawing from scripture, history, Church teaching and personal experience, Dr. D'Ambrosio shares insights on the Rosary in this talk that will forever change the way you look at and experience this traditional devotion. ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - My Soul Magnifies the Lord
  with Johnnette Benkovic & Fr. Edmund

  This beautiful Rosary meditation has
  inspired thousands of people. Each
  poignantly dramatized mystery contains
  a reflection that relates to our every day
  lives. Journey into the heart of Jesus
  through His Blessed Mother Mary in this
  profound prayer experience. Feel the joy
  of His birth, the sorrow and pain of His
  death, the light of His teaching & healing ministry, and the glory of His resurrection. Be inspired as the Rosary comes to life for you as never before. Also included is the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and these other popular prayers recorded by Johnnette Benkovic and Fr. Edmund Sylvia, C.S.C.: Litany of Divine Mercy, St. Michael Prayer, Act of Consecration to Jesus through Mary (according to St. Louis De Montfort), Prayer to the Holy Spirit, and the Prayer of Intercession for those in ministry. Experience the depths of Christ's tender mercy through these powerful prayers. ( Rosary CDs )

  4 CD Set - Our Lady's Musical Rosary
  with Donna Cori Gibson

  By popular demand, Donna introduces her
  entirely sung Rosary, with each set of
  Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous and Glorious
  Mysteries on its own CD. The
  contemporary melodies are so easy to
  learn, you'll be singing along before the
  end of the first decade! The sung
  prayers are accompanied by meditations for each Rosary Mystery. ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - Prayers of Intercession for the
  Holy Souls
  with Fr. Benedict Groeschel,
  Susan Tassone & Fr. John Grigus

  Slip into the chapel and join with others
  praying for the Holy Souls. Now, you can
  be a member of this “audio faith-
  community,” lifting mind and heart to
  God and remembering loved ones who
  have passed away. Let popular author and
  retreat master Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel,
  C.F.R., guide you through the Stations of the Cross (using Susan Tassone’s excellent book) and the Litany of the Holy Souls. Allow Marytown’s Fr. John Grigus, O.F.M. Conv., to lead you in praying the Rosary, Benediction, and the Divine Praises. Add your voice and your petitions to this congregation that includes Franciscan friars, novices, and lay men and women. A thoughtful gift for a family member, friend, or fellow parishioner, especially one who has difficulty seeing. ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - Praying with Our Lady of the Most
  Holy Rosary (Joyful, Sorrowful and
  Glorious Mysteries)
  with Rev Jim Willig, Sandy Rasmussen,
  Fr. J. Michael Sparough & Judi

  Fr. Jim, Sandy, Fr. Michael and Judi
  lead us in praying the joyful, sorrowful,
  luminous and glorious mysteries of the
  rosary. They are accompanied by
  meditative instrumental music and moving
  song prayers. Fr. Jim and Sandy also provide two inspiring guided meditations to help us pray even more lovingly to Jesus through Mary. ( Rosary CDs )

  2 CD Set - Revisit the Most Holy Rosary
   from Catholic Radio Dramas

  This excellent production features a
  scriptural reading for each mystery,
  followed by a lively recitation of the
  Rosary prayers by a commanding male
  voice leading a group of adults. For the
  outstanding DVD version, which displays
  master-artist paintings depticting the
  20 mysteries, as each is prayed, check
  this website's "Rosary DVDs, Videos" page! ( Rosary CDs )

  4 CD Set - The Gospel Rosary of Pope
   John Paul II
   with Vinny Flynn & Still Waters

  A wonderful new way to meditate on the
  mysteries of the rosary, based on Pope
  John Paul II's apostolic letter The Rosary
  of the Virgin Mary. Like a movie
  soundtrack, the unhurried recitation,
  dramatic Scripture readings, and powerful
  background music transport you into the
  Gospel events of each mystery. Two versions on each CD: a 35-minute rosary featuring the Holy Father's personal reflections, fruit of the mystery prayers, and sung GLORY BE; and a 23-minute rosary with brief meditations that are perfect for short trips or when time is limited. ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - The Holy Rosary
   with Mother Angelica and the Nuns of
   Our Lady of the Angels Monastery
   from EWTN

  Join Mother Angelica and the Poor Clares
  of Perpetual Adoration as they recite the
  Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous
  Mysteries of the Rosary. Taped at the
  Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament,
  these Cloistered Nuns lift their hearts in
  prayer to Our Lord for the intentions of
  the world. Mother leads each of the
  decades - an added touch of love to this
  beautiful devotion. 2 hours. ( Rosary CDs )

  3 CD Set - The Luminous Mysteries:
  New Light in a Time of Darkeness
  with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Fr. Bill Casey &
  Archbishop Fulton Sheen

  Renew your love for the beauty and
  majesty of this traditional Marian devotion
  in a newly re-mastered talk by Archbishop
  Fulton Sheen which features a fascinating
  history of the Rosary, and includes the
  beloved prelate's moving recital of the
  "Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue".  Next,
  EWTN personality Fr. Mitch Pacwa S.J.
  reveals the heart of John Paul II's (2002)
  Apostolic Letter "Rosarium Virginis Mariae":
  in addition to proposing the new Luminous
  Mysteries, the papal epistle emerges as
  a profound meditation on both the theory
  and the practice of praying the Rosary. In
  "Revival of the Rosary" Fr. Bill Casey,
  Superior General of the Fathers of Mercy,
  reads the "signs of the times" to unpack the reasons why it’s crucial that you respond to the Holy Father's urgent plea for Catholics to "confidently take up the Rosary once again." This CD set will empower you to fulfill the words of the Holy Father and, "rediscover the mystical depth contained in the simplicity of this prayer, so much loved by popular tradition" and deepen your union with Christ through Mary. ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - The Luminous Mysteries of the
   with Dana and Fr. Kevin Scallon

  Also available in a 2-CD set, below.

  Description to come! ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - The Most Holy Rosary
  with Dr. Scott Hahn

  Description to come! ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - The Pray-Along Rosary
  with Sheldon Cohen

  Description to come! ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - The Rosary

   Description to come! ( Rosary CDs )

2-CD Set - The Rosary (Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious
Mysteries) & The Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary
with Dana and Fr. Kevin Scallon

Also listed individually, on this page.

Description to come! ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - The Rosary
   with Monsignor Owen Campion

  Description to come! ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - The Rosary
  with Joseph Mazza and Sheldon Cohen

  Description to come! ( Rosary CDs )

  CD - The Rosary (Joyful, Sorrowful &
  Glorious Mysteries)
  with Dana and Fr. Kevin Scallon

  Also available in a 2-CD set, above.

  Description to come! ( Rosary CDs )

  Tapes - The Rosary: Kimberly Hahn
  Reflects on Meaning of Rosary for
  Women (Joyful, Sorrowful & Glorious
  with Kimberly Hahn

  Description to come!

  CD - The Rosary & The Chaplet of Divine
   with Fr. Dan Papineau & Still Waters

  Description to come! ( Rosary CDs )

  3 Audio Cassette Tapes - The
  Venerable Beads (Joyful, Sorrowful &
  Glorious Mysteries) with Dr. Scott
  and Kimberly Hahn

  Dr. Scott & his wife Kimberly Hahn
  provide the most coherent presentation of
  Our Lady and the Rosary available today.
  This thorough Bible study on the Rosary
   incorporates both Old and New
  Testaments, as well as your everyday
  experience, into your meditations on the
  lives of Jesus and Mary. When the Hahns
  speak of a scriptural Rosary, they mean
  much more than a few isolated biblical
  texts for each mystery. They mean that
  Catholics should immerse themselves in
  Scripture so that each mystery of the
  Rosary evokes countless biblical
  associations, from Genesis to Revelation.
  For the mysteries -- the events of Jesus' life -- did not arise out of nothing. God has been preparing each of them from all eternity.

  double CD - Through Her Eyes: A
   Journey to Jesus
   with Mark Mallett

  This exciting new Rosary CD set is award-
  winning Canadian Catholic singer/
  songwriter Mark Mallett's most popular
  album to date. This recording is Mark's
  personal response to Pope John Paul II's
  call to the Catholic faithful to rediscover
  the beauty, power and depth of the
  Rosary once again. For many Catholics,
  this is a difficult prayer, often misunderstood and considered outdated. That's where "Through Her Eyes: A Journey to Jesus" comes in! This CD set uses dynamic music scores to draw the listener into the mysteries of Christ's life as no Rosary CD has ever done. Catholic author Carmen Marcoux calls it "Rosary history in the making." Furthermore, in a special way, this album is dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of all America and star of the new evangelization (Ecclesia in America, 1999). ( Rosary CDs )

Less expensive than such Rosary CDs are downloable talks on the Rosary, the traditional 15 Mysteries, and Mary, at Keep the Faith.