Origin of the Rosary

Origin of the Rosary and its Role in History

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    - the Christian Rosary's roots in the Jewish Psalter of David and
      Christian Paternoster Beads, click here.

    - the beginnings of the 'Hail Mary' prayer from the 200's and the
      'Marian Psalter', a.k.a. the 'Psalter of Jesus and Mary', from
      the 1100's, click here.

    - how Christianity came under threat in Medieval Europe from
      the 700's through 1200's - the invasion of the Moors, and the
      fast spread of the Christian Cathar/Albigensian heresy,
      click here.

    - how in 1208 the Blessed Mother instructed Fr. Dominic
      Guzman to preach the true Christian Faith effectively, using
      the Marian Psalter, and this St. Dominic's founding of the
      'Confraternity of Prayer', click here.

    - tragic times for Europe in the 1300's & 1400's: the 100 Years'
      War, papal schisms, Black Death & flagellant heresy,
      click here.

    - Blessed Alan and the revival of the 'Confraternity of the
      Holy Rosary' in the 1400's, click here.

    - how in 1569, Pope Saint Pius V standardized what has
      become known as the 'Domincan Rosary', which has 5 groups
      of 10 'Hail Mary's each divided by 5 'Lord's Prayer's, click here.

    - the Holy Rosary in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, click here.

    - the beloved Saint Louis de Montfort (1673-1716), called the
      'Apostle of Mary', who used the Rosary in his powerful
      preaching and evangelizing ministry, click here.

    - Pauline Jaricot, who founded the International Association of
      the Living Rosary in 1826, click here.

    - the Rosary's presence at the Blessed Virgin Mary's apparition
      to young Saint Bernadette Soubirous in Lourdes France
      in 1858, click here.

    - the Blessed Virgin's request for the Rosary to be prayed daily,
      during her apparitions to 3 shepherd children in Fatima,
      Portugal during 1917, click here.

    - how 8 Jesuit Priests survived the 1945 nuclear bomb blast
      at Hiroshima, Japan, despite being only 1 mile from ground
      zero, click here.

    - the charming American Archbishop Fulton Sheen's ministry in
      the 1950's, and his creation of the 'Mission Rosary' for world
      peace, click here.

    - Irish-born Father Patrick Peyton, called 'the Rosary priest',
      who founded the Family Rosary Crusade and ran a prominent
      American ministry in the latter half of the 20th century,
      click here.

    - Pope John Paul II's deep love for Mary and the Rosary and
      his introduction of 5 new Luminous Mysteries in 2002,
      click here.