Catholic Holy Water & Bottles

Catholic Holy Water - To the right is a depiction of Jesus' baptism in the waters of the Jordan River by His cousin, John the Baptist. This event also happens to be the first Luminous Mystery of the Holy Rosary.

Just as water cleans our bodies, it has come to universally symbolize the inner cleansing of our souls. The Catholic Church uses water blessed by a priest as one of its 'sacramentals' - a substance used in a physical manner to impart a spiritual grace. The Church uses holy water most prominently in the Sacrament of Baptism - whereby the stain of original sin is removed from the soul, then joined to the Mystical Body of Christ - and, to bless the faithful during the Easter Liturgy (mass).

  To read a short, but excellent article entitled
  "Holy Water a Means of Spiritual Wealth", click

  Note that it is against Church law to sell or
  purchase holy water. However, with a holy
  water bottle/container in hand, you may
  obtain some - with which to bless your family
  and home - from your local Catholic church,
  whose yearly supply is blessed by a priest each
  Easter Saturday.

  In the near future, we hope to offer some very
  inexpensive holy water bottles for your use at
  home, in addition to other sacramentals such
  as Christian anointing oil, pure bee wax candles
  for prayer time and, of course, rosaries!