What is the Rosary?

What is the Rosary you ask?

The Most Holy Rosary is a simple method of Christian prayer, practised down through the centuries by countless souls. It is called 'Most Holy' because:
- we have received it by the grace of God's Divine Will through Jesus' own Mother, and ours, the Blessed Virgin Mary
- over the ages, the Rosary has shown itself to be a powerful means of grace, peace, conversion - and miracles, ranging from personal to historical (see the left menu button called 'Origin of the Rosary' for some interesting reading)

So many people, even Catholics, are not familiar with the Rosary, in these times when it can help us so much!

Because of the simple & repetitive nature of the Rosary, most people look down on it as boring, unnecessary, or inconsequential to them. But God - who lowered Himself to take the nature of a Man - favours those who humble themselves to pray the Rosary of His Blessed Mother. Does God not love and exalt what is lowly and simple in this world? Both Jesus and Mary have repeatedly urged us to devote and entrust ourselves to the Rosary.

  Beads have long been used to keep track
  of the Rosary's recited prayers, thereby
  helping to free the mind for prayerful

  Because we humans become distracted
  and absent-minded so easily, the Rosary
  is an ideal method of Christian prayer,
  since it engages us on several levels
  simultaneously! The Rosary method
  engages our:
  - minds and hearts in prayer
  - our voices, while we vocally recite or
     sing its prayers
  - our ears, as we listen to the recited
     prayers, or perhaps accompanying
  - sense of touch, as our fingers travel
     along the beads...and
- our sense of sight, as we visualize the events from the lives of Jesus and His Mother, or as we appreciate a painting or picture depicting one of the Rosary Mysteries

More to come !